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Right click [M]
Rotate Left click drag Left click drag
MENU : Mouse > Rotate
Zoom Right click drag MENU : Mouse > Zoom [Z]
Translate Ctrl + Left click drag     MENU : Mouse > Translate [T]
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Menus Options Key Code Actions
Style Ball [B] Spherical atom representation (Van der Walls radi)
Ball & Stick [K] Atom and bond representation
Stick [S] Stick Bond representation
Wireframe [W] Multi-bonds wireframe representation
Hydrogen [H] Add/Remove Hydrogen
Color Atom [A] CPK Atom Color Sheme
Group [G] Amino Acids and Nucleotides color scheme
Chain [C] Protein and Nucleic Acid chains color scheme
Options Fastmove [F] Wireframe style on move (Toggle on/off)
Spin [I] Spin the model (Toggle on/off)
Reset [E] Initial size and position
Tools Label [L] Label each atom
Pick [P] Select Atom Identity
Distance [D] Measure interatomic distance
Angle [N] Measure bonds angle
Torsion [W] Measure dihedrale angle
About Molecule [U] Molecule name, number of atoms, bonds, groups
Chemis3D [3] Informations, Version and Copyright
Quick Help [Q] Command List
Full Help ? [?] Access to Chemis3D Web Site

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